Traumatic Brain Injuries, otherwise known as concussions, are often referred to as invisible killers. These are quite common among athletes, especially those who participate in contact sports such as football. Common effects of concussions include mood swings, memory loss, and seizures.

Because the damage is mostly internal, it can be a bit difficult to diagnose. Often severe damage can be overlooked because of a lack of any visible symptoms. However, extensive research has shown that ignoring the severity of possible brain damage can have significant long-term effects which can even be life-threatening in certain conditions. The effects of the damage can even be felt decades after the initial injury.

Here are some common consequences of not getting proper treatment for a concussion in the first place.

Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS):

PCS is a complex disorder that can last for weeks or months after the initial injury that caused the concussion. The symptoms can include mild or severe headaches and dizziness. The injury doesn’t have to be severe to suffer from PCS and the symptoms can persist for a year or more without proper treatment. In severe cases, PCS can also cause anxiety, blurry vision, loss of concentration, and insomnia.

Cognitive Impairment:

According to studies, concussions can have lasting negative effects on the cognitive skills of the affected person. Initially, research showed that the effects on thinking skills and cognitive abilities of a person would only last a few weeks after the injury. However, the latest research suggests that it might last as long as 55 years in some cases!


Recent research has shown a strong correlation between an increase in the chance of getting a stroke and a Traumatic Brain Injury. A TBI such as concussions can cause long-term morbidities to develop inside the brain, which can increase the risk of strokes as the person grows older. Therefore, getting proper monitoring and prevention treatments is quite important for people who have suffered from concussions!

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