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Sports & Exercise Medicine Institute (SEMI) clinics are state-of-the-art sports medicine facilities located in Toronto. Our sports medicine services are administered by a team of experts who take sport, fitness and exercise very seriously, and who know what it is like to be inactive due to injury or illness.  We are interdisciplinary in all that we do, from the collaborative way we use Electronic Medical Records to facilitate patient care, to the many professionals we have on our staff. Our staff are constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills, with continuing education an ongoing priority in our respective rapidly advancing professions. We only have state of the art equipment, all to facilitate the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of our patients. For a complete listing of what we offer, please see Services, which include Sport Medicine consultation,Orthopedic SurgeryPhysiotherapyMassage TherapyPodiatryChiropracticPlatelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection TherapyProlotherapy and many others.

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In July 2012, while doing my usual 40 minute Nordic pole walk, I limped home the last 2 blocks. A subsequent MRI confirmed that I had torn my left medial meniscus. Despite several weeks of physiotherapy and more time, it did not heal and I remained unable to walk any appreciable distance.

At age 62, I was not prepared to give up so easily. As a registered nurse, I have attended as well as referred several people to Dr. Stoddard and SEMI. And everyone has always been extremely satisfied with the results. This time, Dr. Stoddard recommended a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell injection (PRP–SC procedure). I had this done in May of 2013. Since I had moved out of Toronto, my physiotherapist (Romano Sulit) gave me exercises to do at home. I continue to do those and likely will for the rest of my life – prevention being better than cure!

And in October of 2013, I was pleased to be able to hike up a 1.7 mile switchback trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway; in February of 2014, I walked all over New York City, and in April of this year, walked the beaches at Hilton Head. So now, a year after my PRP-SC procedure, I am looking forward to resuming my up-and-down golf game this summer.

Life is good. My very grateful thanks to Team SEMI.

Ruth Ann Fraser..