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12 Feb 16

Shoveling Snow 101 - How to Prevent Injury

As much as we would like to avoid the strenuous activity of shoveling (not to mention winter itself), we have to prepare our bodies for the heavy demands. The Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation has classified snow shoveling as a high-risk activity for cardiovascular events (heart attacks, ang

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Let SEMI Help Guide Your Path to Recovery!

SEMI is among Toronto’s most trusted sports medicine clinics. Doctors and patients alike refer new patients to us, because of our proven expertise in sports medicine and sports therapy, physiotherapy, podiatry, massage therapy, injection therapy, and more.

We’ve helped countless patients recover and manage injuries and pain after suffering debilitating sports injuries, car accidents, workplace accidents, and other injuries. Our team consists of doctors, sports medicine specialists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, injection therapy specialists, massage therapists, and countless other trained and licenced professionals. We use our vast expertise to develop a targeted treatment plan for each individual under our care, and ensure they recover quickly and safely.