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Stem Cell injection therapy for a high grade pectoralis muscle tear

Enjoy Pain-Free Living, Without Painful Surgery, with Stem Cell Regenerative Injections

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injections

Stem Cell and PRP Injections

Medical Injection Therapy: A Brief Overview in Under 5 Minutes


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Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Getting Stem Cell Therapy

Dec 15 2018
As the field of stem cell therapy continues to grow, the treatment is extending into providing solutions for severe as well as milder conditions. Popular for the treatment of musculoskeletal issues and injuries, stem cell therapy has so far shown promising results. As the therapy branches out ...

Tendonitis Treatment and Prevention

Dec 12 2018
Tendons are tissues that connect the muscle to the bone. It is through the work of the tendons that muscles act on the bone to allow joints to move. Tendonitis occurs when either acute injury that doesn't resolve properly , repetitive strain or muscle imbalance result in inflammation leadi...

Our Services

  • Active Release Techniques
    Active Release Techniques
    ART is a patented, state of the art soft tissue system/movement based massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. Headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, shoulder pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, knee problems, and tennis elbow are just a few of the many conditions that can be resolved quickly and permanently with ART.
  • Acupuncture
    Acupuncture has been scientifically shown to decrease pain via the release of your body's natural pain killers, known as endorphins. The acupuncture process involves inserting very fine needles into the meridians of your body which represent the various organs of the body, including your heart, stomach and kidneys.
  • Bracing/Exercise Aids/Home Products
    Bracing/Exercise Aids/Home Products
    SEMI is pleased to offer a full line of off the shelf braces, exercise aids and various home products for all kinds of conditions. Arm braces/straps for tennis and golfer's elbow. Wrist braces for carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon problems and instability.
  • Electronic Medical Records
    Electronic Medical Records
    SEMI was among the first, if not the first, sport medicine clinics of its kind in Canada, to adopt an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform for administering patient care.
  • Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (Gunn IMS)
    Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (Gunn IMS)
    Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (Gunn IMS or IMS) is a full assessment and treatment approach for myofascial pain syndromes that are of neuropathic origin (nerve generated).
  • Kinesiotaping
    Kinesiotaping method utilizes an elastic form of tape that does not restrict motion. The Kinesiotaping method involves taping over and around muscles in order to assist and give support, or to prevent over-contraction.
  • Mobile Services
    Mobile Services
    SEMI staff can meet you at home or office. Our mobile services include Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy.
  • Orthopaedic Consultation/Surgery
    Orthopaedic Consultation/Surgery
    Orthopaedic Surgeons diagnose and treat a wide variety of problems related to bones, joints, muscles and tendons. Although we employ a number of non- operative modalities such as physiotherapy, bracing and injections, consideration for surgery remains the primary reason for referral. In most cases the decision to go ahead with surgery rests with the patient, although the surgeon may recommend the procedure as the best option.
  • Personal Training
    Personal Training
    Achieving your health, fitness and training goals becomes that much easier when you book an appointment "with yourself", and your trainer! Trying to avoid the gym? Not comfortable with all of that 'heavy metal' equipment? Join us in our modern studio settings and take advantage of a more private environments, where your trainer guides you every step of the way.
  • Pilates
    Pilates strengthens your 'core' muscles, and working on flexibility of certain muscle groups. Pilates at Toronto SEMI can help you both prevent and treat low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and hip pain, as well as strengthen your core. All sessions are private.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections
    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections
    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections involve withdrawing a patient's own blood, taking the PRP containing a high concentration of blood platelets, and as a result, a high concentration of growth factors and injecting it into the damaged tissue to speed up healing in chronic injuries and acute injuries.
  • Prolotherapy
    Prolotherapy ("Proliferative Injection Therapy") involves injecting an otherwise non-pharmacological and non-active irritant solution into the body, generally in the region of tendons or ligaments for the purpose of strengthening weakened connective tissue and alleviating musculoskeletal pain.
  • SEMI Osteoarthritis Clinic
    SEMI Osteoarthritis Clinic
    The Osteoarthritis (OA) Clinic at SEMI offers services to individuals who have been diagnosed with OA in any part of the body, including shoulders, hands, wrists, neck, back, pelvis, hips, knees, ankles and feet. OA can be a painful condition, often limiting activities of daily living and enjoyment of sport and activity. We can help!
  • Shockwave Therapy
    Shockwave Therapy
    Shockwave Therapy involves shooting ultrasound or mechanically generated waves at injured tissue. Studies report anywhere from 70-90% improvements in various conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles, Tendinopathy, Tennis Elbow Jumpers Knee, Stress Fractures and Calcific Rotator Cuff Tendinitis
  • Sport Chiropractic / Active Release Therapy
    Sport Chiropractic / Active Release Therapy
    Sport Chiropractic is a focused area within Chiropractic that involves the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries. It provides soft tissue treatments (including Active Release Techniques or ART and medical acupuncture), spinal and other joint mobilization/manipulation, rehabilitation exercise prescription, an understanding of the biomechanics of various sports and fitness activities, physical therapy modalities, bracing, and athletic taping (including Kinesiotaping).
  • Sport Massage Therapy
    Sport Massage Therapy
    Massage therapy is recognized as one of the oldest methods of healing, with references in medical texts nearly 4,000 years old. Modern massage techniques can be traced back to the 1700?s with the development of Swedish massage, the first systematic method of therapeutic massage based on anatomy and physiology. Massage most commonly includes the application of pressure and kneading to muscles, joints, fascia, tendons, ligaments, skin, nerves, blood vessels and lymph vessels.
  • Sport Physiotherapy
    Sport Physiotherapy
    Sport physiotherapy is a focussed area of practice in physiotherapy that requires skills and knowledge in the following areas: manual physiotherapy, exercise prescription, an understanding of various sports and fitness activities and knowledge of how to use advanced modalities (i.e. Biodex) in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries.
  • Sport Podiatry
    Sport Podiatry
    Podiatrists, among other things, are specialists in the biomechanical assessment of feet. Podiatrists have their 'Doctor of Podiatric Medicine' (DPM) degree, and are foot specialists as this is the only area of the body they deal with.
  • Sport Psychology
    Sport Psychology
    Sport psychology involves the mental and behavioural aspects of participation and performance in sport, exercise, and physical activity. People contact a sport psychology professional for various reasons, including performance improvement, dealing with pressure, enhancing the sports experience, mental and psychological aspects of injury rehabilitation and more.
  • Sports Medicine Doctors
    Sports Medicine Doctors
    Sport Medicine applies to many classes of people in addition to competitive athletes. Because of this, it would more appropriately be called "Activity Medicine". This specialty deals with diagnosis and treatment of activity related injuries to muscles, tendons, nerves, ligaments, bones and joints, whether they be from a bona fide sport, work or other "non-sport" related causes.
  • Stem Cell Transplantation
    Stem Cell Transplantation
    This therapy utilizes a patient's adipose (fat) derived stem cells (AD-SC) combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to provide a potent biological therapeutic combination. Stem cells are abundant in adipose tissue, containing from 100 to 1000 times the concentration of stem cells found in bone marrow.


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Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Getting Stem Cell Therapy

Dec 15 2018
As the field of stem cell therapy continues to grow, the treatment is extending into providing...

Tendonitis Treatment and Prevention

Dec 12 2018
Tendons are tissues that connect the muscle to the bone. It is through the work of the tendons...

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Dec 09 2018
When it comes to healthcare, we all hear about how important it is to get regular checkups for...

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Dec 06 2018
Competitive sports require athletes to achieve feats that no common man could. Given the inten...


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