According to the World Health Organization, injuries account for 10% of all deaths around the world, with over 5.8 million people dying each year as a result of various injuries.

Accidents can happen anywhere, whether you’re at work, training for a big game, or just lounging around at home. They are a common part of life, but often result in horrible injuries that are accompanied by acute and chronic pain.

In most cases, the injured person needs to go through extensive rehabilitation and pain management to recover from their injuries.

Pain and Sleep: Understanding the Connection

There are many facets to accident rehabilitation, such as medication, surgical procedures, and physiotherapy. These facets are important for patients to heal and manage pain.

However, one of the most common factors for recovery is sleep. The body needs proper sleep to maintain homeostasis and optimize the performance of several physiologic systems. Any disruptions in this process—such as those accompanying trauma and pain—can result in sleep disruption, leading to severe negative impacts on health and general wellbeing.

There have been several studies that suggest a direct interrelation between pain and sleep.  When we sleep, our brain triggers the healing process by encouraging the tissues to repair, the muscles to restore, and the hormones to synthesize.

The Importance of Getting Enough Sleep During Rehabilitation

If the body is experiencing a lot of pain, the brain tries to overcome it by keeping you awake and causing you to become more sensitive to the pain. This is especially true following a traumatic injury, as the body works overtime, trying to repair itself.

Sleep deprivation can also prolong the rehabilitation and recovery processes. Not correcting the cycle and getting proper rest can affect the immunity system and further exacerbates health issues caused by an initial injury.

Physiotherapy for Better Sleep

Most doctors recommend physiotherapy after a traumatic injury. Physiotherapy can help patients who are dealing with sleep disturbances, ensuring they get the rest they need to heal and recover.

Physiotherapists assist the patients in loosening their tight muscles and relaxing their bodies. This not only helps decrease the pain of the injury, but also allows the body to enjoy a deeper sleep which can speed up the healing process.

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