The knee is one of the most important joints in the body. However, it is also quite prone to injuries that include sprains, strains, and traumas. Knee braces are commonly used to stabilize and support the knee to prevent further damage and pain.

Usually, knee braces are recommended by doctors, in conjunction with other treatments such as pain medication and physiotherapy, to speed up the recovery and restore strength to the knee.

Types of Knee Support Braces:

Common types of knee support braces include:

Functional Braces

Functional braces control motion and stabilize the knee to prevent further injury after a person has recovered from major trauma. Athletes who have suffered a knee injury in the past often wear them.

Prophylactic Braces

These braces are quite popular among athletes, and are usually worn during contact sports such as football. They are designed to protect the knees from major injuries while providing support at the same time.

Rehabilitative Braces

These types of braces are used right after a surgery or an injury. Usually recommended by the doctor, the brace needs to be worn for weeks. It keeps the knee stable while allowing for limited and safe movements while the knee is healing.

Compression Sleeves

This is the most common type of knee support. Although it’s not technically a brace, it is designed to provide compression around the knee joint to control the swelling and pain while providing support during impact activities such as jogging and running.

Situations Requiring Knee Support Braces

Common conditions that require knee braces include:

Arthritis or other structural knee problems — Knee braces help people with arthritis stay active, while reducing the risk of injuries to their weakened bones. They can also be used to provide support during the recovery period following a major injury or fracture.

Support during exercise — One of the most common situations where the knee can get injured is during extensive workout sessions. Wearing a knee brace will provide support to the knee while you warm up, preventing injuries.

To improve posture — Knee braces are often used to correct posture or musculoskeletal issues. They realign the ligaments and joints in the knee. They can also help correct the way a person walks to ensure minimum impact to the knee.

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