Injuries are the leading cause of death and disability in Canada. Each year, hundreds of thousands of Canadians visit emergency rooms with various injuries, many of which are preventable.

Around 64% of all hospital admissions for injuries are orthopaedic. This includes dislocations and fractures. In this blog, we’ll be looking at the importance of bracing when healing from an orthopaedic injury.

The Impact of Orthopaedic Injuries

While they generally not life-threatening, orthopaedic injuries can have several long-term effects on patients.

They can lead to mild or severe disabilities, a significant decline in quality of life, as well as physiological issues due to pain and trauma. This is why it’s essential to get proper treatment and rehabilitation to ensure full recovery without any long-term impacts on health.

The Role of Bracing in Orthopaedic Injury Recovery

Orthopaedic braces are medical devices that are designed to help people recover from various injuries. They are also used in post-surgical rehabilitation to ensure a quick and safe recovery. These products protect, stabilize, and align certain parts of the body to reduce stress and help the body heal properly.

Here are some ways orthopaedic braces help with post-injury recovery:

Relieve Pain and Stress

The recovery process following an orthopaedic injury can be quite painful. It also places stress on other parts of the body, as they compensate for the reduced functionality of the affected parts.

Orthopaedic braces are designed to reduce stress and provide support to other parts of the body, as well as the affected area. They also help relieve pain by ensuring the proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure.

Provide Added Comfort

Being incapacitated after an injury can be frustrating due to the discomfort felt by the entire body. The injured person often faces issues going about the daily tasks of going to the bathroom and getting up from bed. Even sleeping at night can be a challenge for people as they try to find a comfortable position that won’t cause additional pain.

Orthopaedic braces provide added comfort by preventing painful movements and reducing excessive movements that could aggravate the injury. They also absorb the pressure and load to offer a certain amount of comfort to the patient.

Prevents Secondary Injuries

People with orthopaedic injuries are at greater risk of secondary injuries or aggravating the existing injury. Any sudden movement or bending the wrong way can damage the already weakened musculoskeletal structure even more.

By wearing orthopaedic braces, the injured person can prevent further injuries due to the protection and padding they offer to the area in question. Braces also lead to increased stability and bodily awareness, which ensures that the injured person is careful with every movement.

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