Living in Canada means being no stranger to working out in extreme temperatures. Just because it’s below freezing outside doesn’t mean you should skip your daily jog!

However, many people lose their motivation to work out during colder months due to both the cold and the added injury risk.

Cold Exposure and Body Heat

Our body works optimally in temperature conditions that suit it. While exercising, body temperatures rise, which is counteracted through sweating.

During cold, dry, and windy weather, heat loss occurs faster through increased respiration and evaporation, which makes the body more susceptible to the risk of muscular injuries and hypothermia.

Low Temperature and Risk of Injury

While it’s always a good idea to warm up before any exercise of physical activity, it’s crucial during winters. Low temperature can increase the risk of various injuries and muscular issues. These include:

Decreases Muscle Flexibility:

Colder weather has been known to influence muscle physiology. When body temperature drops to a certain level, the muscles become less flexible and are more susceptible to stress tears.

Another factor that affects muscle flexibility during winter months is dehydration. People tend to consume less water in cold weather, which increases the strain on the heart and the muscles.

Joint Pain Increases During Winter

Weather-related joint pain is quite common, especially among people with arthritic conditions. Most people experience an increase in joint stiffness and pain during the colder months.

The joints in the body are connected by tissues that cushion the pressure and protect the joints from getting damaged.

When temperatures drop, the sensory nerves in the tissues respond, making the muscles more sensitive. The resultant change decreases the cushioning effect and increases the pressure felt by the joints.

This causes people to feel tired and achy, and they also get exhausted more quickly, which increases the chances of them over-exerting and injuring the muscles.

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