Exercise is an important part of every person’s life. To stay fit and maintain optimal health, you need to incorporate regular workouts into your daily routine. Different types of exercises have various benefits, including reduced risks of cardiovascular disease, improved mental health, and a toned body.

However, some high-impact exercises can increase the chances of sustaining an injury. For people who are especially prone to injuries, one of the most recommended activities is swimming.

Swimming — The Ideal Low-Impact Exercise

Swimming is the perfect workout for people who are either recovering from recent surgery, have osteoarthritis, or a joint injury. Water provides buoyancy that prevents extended strain on the body by reducing the pressure the joints usually experience on land.

It also has low injury risk, which makes it perfect for all ages and body types. It is also a very effective cardio option for pregnant women, strengthening their backs and abdominal muscles while reducing strain on the lower back.

Swimming For Weight Loss and Body Conditioning

Swimming is also a great aerobic exercise that burns calories and tones the muscles without putting much stress on the bones, tissues, and joints.

A person who weighs between 130 to 155 pounds will burn an average of 650 calories after one hour of freestyle swimming. This makes it an effective way to torch a whole bunch of calories without any dangerous side-effects.

Swimming also offers a complete body workout and engages most of the muscles. It requires the person to use their legs, arms, stomach, and torso, and enhances the functioning of the joints.

Safe and Fun Workout

Water offers great support for people who are overweight and people who have disabilities. This makes swimming one of the safest workouts. Even with floating aids, swimming burns calories while preventing joint and muscle pain.

It is also a fun alternative to boring and repetitive exercises which are a part of most workouts. There are several floatation aids you can try as well as different strokes you can master. Water aerobics, polo, and other water sports help in adding variety to the workout and keep things interesting.

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