By: Coco Ang, PT

You might experience pain in your shoulder blades or ankles at several instances during a game.

Over time, with excessive use, our muscles and joints become seriously worn out. There is a trade-off between high scores and physical health. Sprains and injuries are extremely common cases of physical distress that sports individuals and athletes undergo. But there is a cure to help you retain your sportsman spirit.

It is reported by the Journal of Sports Sciences that male body builders recovered fastest after a training session by getting a sports massage! No doubt sports massages can help speed recovery from sports injuries.

There are times when your body optimizes the benefits of a sports massage and this is when you should schedule your massage appointments for.

Here are a few tips to help you decide when to set your next massage date!

Deep Tissue Vs Sports Massage

The timing of your massage is largely dependent on your need. A long series of workout sessions, back-to-back marathons or endless matches can take a toll on your stamina. They may also leave your body tied up in muscle knots that end up restraining your best performance. This is when you might need a deep tissue massage.

For knots and body-wide pain a deep tissue massage would work best. However, to treat specific injuries or sprains, a regular sports massage is the better option. The timing of each must be set keeping in mind the ensuing schedule of trainings, runs or matches.

Since a deep tissue massage works at a cellular level to release waste intoxicating your muscles, your body needs time to recover fully after the treatment to let its effect settle in.

However, both massages can be considered sports massages because they help rehabilitate physical health of athletes.

It is extremely important to schedule a light routine following a deep tissue massage. Ideally, it should be taken after a hefty routine and before the next big challenge. On the other hand, a sports massage can be taken any time: prior to your routine, during or after an intense session.

Since deep tissue massages are known to lower blood pressure, enhance blood circulation, minimize muscle tension and catalyze muscle recovery process, it is always good to get one anytime if you are an athlete.

Pre-Event Massages

Massage therapists offering their services at the site of an event are usually catering to just muscle warm ups and a little preparation for the muscle-use soon to follow.

This is why these times are not the best for intensive recovery treatments that are needed to get to the root of the ache and untie the knots! Also, since the therapists are typically crowded at this point, they would most likely not be able to give individual attention to your bodily needs.

Pre-event massages are mostly like the call for action: on your mark, get set, GO, before a big race.

Post-Event Massages

Unlike deep tissue massages and other longer sports massages, they too are brief treatments. Taken after an extensive routine, these are aimed at restoring muscle fitness and preventing any muscle sores from occurring due to exercise.

In A Nutshell

To seek preparatory muscle stimulation before your big game or treat yourself for your stellar performance, pre- and post-event massages are what you’re looking for.

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