Pushing yourself to your mental and physical limit can be beyond rewarding. For most athletes, their ultimate goal is to push themselves to do what they couldn’t yesterday. This requires perseverance, determination, and sacrifice.

However, pushing yourself too hard, too fast can be harmful, and may even result in overuse injuries. Overuse injuries are quite common among athletes, and are usually a result of improper technique and a lack of professional training.

Studies show that women are more susceptible to overuse injuries than men are.

Using Active Release Techniques to Heal Overuse Injuries

Active Release Therapy is a state-of-the-art massage technique that combines the manipulation and movement of soft-tissue muscles. The purpose behind the movements is to target and break up scar tissue, preventing it from forming in the future.

Over time, our muscles and tissues develop small tears and minor damage due to excessive or incorrect movements.

The Active Release Technique is used to identify these scars and isolate the area where they are located. The movements are then focused on that specific area to open up the muscles and increase flexibility. It also reduces pain and stiffness in the joints and muscles.

The Benefits of Active Release Techniques

Using the Active Release Technique to treat overuse injuries has shown several benefits, such as:

Reduces Risk of Chronic Pain

Getting injured can be a painful experience, but not getting proper treatment can often result in chronic pain that can last a lifetime. Active release techniques release compressed nerves and prevent the build-up of scar tissue, which reduces the pain of recovery while eliminating the chances of chronic pain.

Restores the Person’s Range Of Motion

When an athlete gets injured, they’re unable to participate in their workouts and training sessions. They have to exercise extreme caution so as not to aggravate the injury, which means limiting their range of motion. If the injury takes a long time to heal, these months of inactivity can permanently reduce their range of motion and affect their performance.

Active release techniques ensure the restoration of a full range of motion by accelerating natural healing through muscle targeting.

Increases Joint Strength and Flexibility

Active release techniques also reduce swelling in the joints and improve circulation throughout the body.

This prevents any joint conditions from arising due to the injury. The targeted movements also ensure the flexibility of the joints and help strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints.

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