By: Coco Ang, PT


When it comes to healthcare, we all hear about how important it is to get regular checkups for your eyes or your teeth. But how many times a week do you actually pay attention to your feet?

Our feet are often the most ignored part of our body. We often take these forgotten soldiers for granted when we should be giving them more attention than we usually do.

Here are some things that your podiatrist wants you to know about your foot health.

It’s Important to Check Your Feet Every Day

Most people ignore discomfort or pain when they feel it in their feet. Just as you wouldn’t ignore a headache that persists daily, you should not overlook a regular discomfort or pain in your feet either.

In fact, studies indicate that foot care, foot orthotics and wearing the right footwear can help in the prevention of foot pain, knee pain and back pain and furthermore can aid in the treatment of osteoarthritis and even rheumatoid arthritis.

Take out 5 minutes of your day to inspect your feet and check for any areas that may appear swollen or sore. If the problem persists without any alleviation in pain, see a podiatrist immediately.

Dry Your Feet Properly

Most people have a bad habit of putting their socks on straight out of the shower without properly drying their feet. This causes moisture to stay between the crevices of your feet, which may allow fungal organisms to develop and lead to conditions like the athlete’s foot.

Your Toenails Need Breathing Room

Toenails that have not been cut properly can turn into ingrown nails that dig into your skin and can cause extreme discomfort, pain and possibly even infection. Wearing comfortable shoes also constitutes a large part of foot care and health. Your shoes should allow enough room for your toenails to have some breathing room to avoid fungal infections from developing. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to wiggle your toes and even separate them a little in your shoes!

Bring In Your Shoes When You Visit a Podiatrist

If you’re experiencing persistent discomfort in your feet, take two or three pairs of shoes that you wear regularly when you visit your podiatrist. They will examine the shoes to see if the problem lies in your footwear or your feet. Many times, we don’t realize how wearing the wrong shoe can cause harm to our feet’s health.

You CAN Do Something about Ankle Sprains

Most people think that there is nothing that they can do to heal an ankle sprain and that it’ll heal on its own. In fact, studies indicate that the condition can be treated much quicker if it receives proper initial care. However, if the injury is taken for granted, it can turn into chronic symptoms.

While it’s normal to experience pain right after an ankle is sprained, you should consult a podiatrist immediately if the pain is chronically persisting, especially if traditional rehabilitation has already been implemented and the pain persists.

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