Custom orthotics are special inserts or insoles for shoes and heels that are usually prescribed by doctors to help with various medical problems. These include a twisted ankle, foot pain, broken arches, flat feet, knee problems, or back issues. However, most people believe that orthotics are only prescribed for a specific problem. In reality, these custom insoles support and benefit the physical health of your body in many different ways.

Here are the top seven reasons why you should wear custom orthotics:

Less Pressure on the Joints:

When you walk or run, the gravitational pull and the force exerted through inertia put pressure on different joints in your body. Orthotics can take the pressure of the joints and help your feet carry the weight properly. This reduces the wear and tear in the joints and prevents you from feeling pain and stiffness.

Reduced Lower Back Pain:

When the weight is unevenly divided on your feet while walking or running, it increases the pressure exerted on your lower back. The uneven distribution of weight also affects your posture resulting in a painful lower back.  Custom orthotics improve your gait and posture by supporting the feet. They also ensure proper weight distribution and reduce the chances of chronic lower back pain. 

Better and Easier Movement:

Custom orthotics are designed to absorb the shock felt by the feet and the leg joints when running or walking. This helps in allowing the wearer to move at a better pace while improving the stamina.

Reduced Risk Of Injuries:

A twisted ankle or other kinds of foot injuries can be a big concern and can lead to nerve damage in some cases. Diabetic patients are especially prone to foot injuries that can lead to the loss of a limb in severe cases. Orthotics provide support for the feet which increases the stability in the gait of a person thus reducing the risk of injuries.

Reduced Foot Pain:

Most people who have tried foot orthotics are aware of how comfortable walking in them can be. They are well-cushioned and absorb the shock felt by the heel and the arches when walking. They help reduce the pain in case of a foot injury or a joint problem.

Realign The Foot And Ankles To Prevent Future Foot Problems:

Orthotics can be a great preventive measure and are not limited to use by people currently struggling with foot problems. Many people tend to ignore foot pain related to misaligned ankles and fallen arches which causes the condition to worsen over time. Expert podiatrists recommend getting custom insoles even when you aren’t experiencing a lot of pain. This will help maintain and manage the alignment of your feet and ankles and will improve their functioning for years to come.

Stabilize your physical condition:

As people age, their bones begin to weaken and wear and tear with all the pressure of walking, running, and going up and down the stairs. In time, some people may even need surgery to fix their knees and hips. Custom orthotics prevent the deterioration of the joints and bones to a certain extent and increase their health. Similarly, in case a person has any deformities in the foot, orthotics are a great way to help them walk without pain.

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