Repetitive strain injuries affect one in ten workers in Canada each year, making them one of the most common work-related injuries in the country. According to the latest statistics, around 2 million Canadians suffer from repetitive strain injuries, with more than 50% being caused by work-related activities.

As the name suggests, a repetitive strain injury is caused by the overuse of muscles and joints, especially when they’re used to perform repetitive tasks such as typing, grasping tools, training for sports, working on an assembly line, and using a computer. Poor posture and poor techniques are also factors that contribute to the development of RSIs.

With the increasing use of technology and longer work hours, the risk of RSIs is on the rise. The good news is that there are certain steps that can be taken to avoid these injuries.

Step #1: Assess Your Lifestyle and Daily Activities

The first step in preventing repetitive strain injuries is looking at the activities you perform each day. Assess the number of repetitions and duration of static posture these activities require.

Also, consider the workstation arrangement and other environmental factors that might be increasing the likelihood of developing an RSI.

Step#2: Come Up With Strategies That Reduce Risks

Once you have identified situations which can increase your chance of getting a repetitive strain injury, the next step is to put countermeasures in place. For example, if your work requires you to sit for hours in front of a computer, you might want to make sure the chair and the workplace are ergonomically efficient to prevent poor posture.

You should also come up with a routine that encourages you to take a break every hour or so to prevent straining your muscles.

Step#3: Put It into Action

Once you’ve identified the problems and have come up with viable solutions, its time to put them into action. Ensure your workplace conditions and your daily schedule allows time to relax and stretch your muscles. Adopt effective ergonomic regulations which can encourage good posture and prevent you from overusing your muscles.

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