Our overall wellness has its roots in both our mental and physical health. This is evident in the fact that injuries and other physical conditions affect our emotions to a great extent. This direct relationship is co-dependent, since our emotions also influence our physical health. It’s precisely because of these reasons that physiotherapy—which rejuvenates our body—can influence our emotions.

By designing a physiotherapy care plan which includes exercises and manual therapy, you can improve your sleep and boost your energy levels. Here are some ways physiotherapy has proven to generate certain emotional benefits for individuals with bodily ailments.

It reduces stress

Stress is the primary cause of a multitude of illnesses that plague individuals today. Stress derived from situations pertaining to workload, marriage problems, and unfulfilled career aspirations can lead to emotional distress. Physiotherapy which includes exercise as a form of treatment can benefit individuals suffering from high levels of stress since exercising releases endorphins that give rise to feelings of happiness and comfort.

It diminishes anxiety

One of the most common challenges to one’s emotional wellbeing, anxiety is one of those things that can be significantly reduced by physiotherapy. Anxiety has adverse effects on not just mental health, but also on the physical health of individuals. Physiotherapy contributes to long-term emotional wellness by introducing exercise in an individual’s schedule, and has also led to improvement in a person’s self-esteem.

It helps with depression

According to the World Health Organization, 300 million people all over the world have depression. The prevalence of this illness is an indication that a huge part of the world’s population has a condition that hinders their day to day activities by jeopardizing their emotional and physical health.

Physiotherapy, coupled with other treatments, is reported to have improved the state of individuals who have depression. By enhancing the cognitive function of the brain through exercising and releasing endorphins, the risk of developing depression has also been significantly reduced.

The emotional benefits of physiotherapy aren’t restricted to older adults but extend to all age groups. Find a physiotherapist can pose quite a bit of a challenge since it’s a person’s physical and mental health that’s at stake. If you’re located in Toronto, SEMI’s physiotherapy services are one of the best you’ll find. Contact us for more information and familiarize yourself with other services we offer which include podiatry, concussion treatment and shockwave therapy