Athletes—especially runners—are prone to developing issues with regard to lower body functions. To restore their tissue and mechanic functionality, orthotics are used to improve runners’ range of motion and prolong their careers if they pursue it professionally. Orthotics are corrective devices that are used to cushion your feet, improve your balance, and fix biochemical issues that individuals face during walking and standing.

Let’s take a look at a few benefits of using orthotics for runners.

Shock absorption

The function of orthotics isn’t simply limited to supporting your feet. They’re responsible for realigning the feet and restoring their full function. By allowing weight to be redistributed proportionally across the feet, orthotics relieve pressure on sensitive, soft tissue areas on your feet where calluses can form. Orthotics are designed to absorb some degree of shock as well, so when athletes run, walk or land, the impact on their feet is lessened.

Perfectly fitted for your comfort

As opposed to readymade, over-the-counter orthotics, custom orthotics involve a podiatrist making a 3D impression of an individual’s foot so the orthotics designed are made specifically for your comfort and ease of motion.

Enhance post-injury healing

In case of a sports accident or injury, orthotics are used to provide support to the injury so it doesn’t get worse and you can get back on your feet in no time. The fast healing process can be attributed to the fact that orthotics are shaped based on the contours and curves of your feet.

Fix alignment issues in the legs and spine

Due to excessive physical exertion, it’s possible for a runner’s foot structure to become misaligned. Orthotics can help prevent that by ensuring that abnormal motion doesn’t cause harm.

If your foot is dispositioned, orthotics will begin a realignment process that can have benefits up to the spine and enhance your body’s balance.

You save money

Orthotics prevent injuries such as sprains, dislocated bones and broken toes. Calluses and flattened arches of the sole are also causes of concern that require immediate tending to. The medical procedures used to restore the foot to its proper optimal functioning state are expensive and require a long post-surgery healing period. By wearing orthotics, athletes can avoid all such complications.

As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re a professional runner or a fitness expert, buying prescription orthotics should be on the top of your priority list. Not only will they keep you away from injuries, but orthotics will also improve your athletic performance to a great extent. Call SEMI today and book a consultation with our leading podiatrist in Toronto. Visit us and find out more about our other services which include shockwave therapy, pelvic floor physiotherapy and regenerative medical injection therapy.