Pilates is an exercise system developed in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates.

Growing up in Germany, he practiced many different training regimes popular at the time and eventually developed his own program that utilized both what at the time was called ‘corrective exercise’ and ‘medical gymnastics’.

Joseph Pilates also incorporated the use of a medical apparatus with his development of the very famous Pilates Reformer.

What’s the Point of Pilates?

Pilates uses controlled movements to train flexibility, build strength, and improve stability. The principles of pilates put a strong emphasis on breathing, alignment, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.

Pilates has been used in a variety of settings since its inception. It is commonly used as an exercise program for general conditioning, as a form of rehabilitation, as a method of improving posture and alignment, as well as in sport-specific settings.

Pilates is most commonly practiced on a matt as well as on a reformer. It can be practiced both in group class settings, one on one settings, or on your own in your own home or preferred space.

Rehabilitation and Exercise Pilates

At SEMI, we offer both rehab pilates and exercise pilates. All pilates sessions at SEMI are one on one to ensure that you are receive exercises and feedback specific to you and your unique needs. Pilates at SEMI can be done on matt or reformer (or both).

We often use pilates as a way to get people to safely exercise when they are injured. Not only is this beneficial as we can help keep you strong when you may not be able to exercise in the same capacity that you did before injury, but we can also provide specific pilates exercises to assist in recovery of the injury.

If you are not injured we can start you on a generalized conditioning program or tailor the sessions to your goal! All of our pilates instructors at SEMI are physiotherapists who have also completed a Stott Rehabilitation Pilates course(s).

Book an appointment online with SEMI if you are interested in our Rehab or Exercise Pilates programs!