Whether you like it or not, your body ages. You won’t always be able to move and function the way you once did. You will begin to experience pain in your body for a variety of reasons, including tissue damage caused by repetitive use. Early intervention and treatment are vital in preserving your mobility and fitness as you age.

Active Release Techniques (ART) are a unique form of therapy that involve releasing tension in soft tissues by removing adhesions or fibrosis causes by repetitive muscle use. ART combines manipulation and movement and identifies, isolates, and targets affected areas to effectively break up the scar tissue.

There are many benefits and uses of ART.

Pain Management

ART is proven to reduce the recovery time for muscle injuries, restore mobility for arthritis patients, and  improve strength, endurance, and functionality for athletes. ART is also an effective treatment for injured ligaments.

Pain can be caused by tissue buildup that adheres to nerves. ART actively works to gently break up this inflamed tissue. It does this by combining soft tissue massage with the active, directed movement of the involved muscles. These techniques can help to eliminate pain as well as reduce the need for pain medication.

Adductor Strains & Hamstring Flexibility

Ice hockey players frequently develop adductor muscle strains, and according to a pilot study, ART proved to be a highly effective short-term pain solution. The study indicated considerable improvements in the players’ pre- and post- game pain levels. Research has also shown that ART can significantly improve hamstring flexibility and mobility.

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