Having a baby can be an overwhelming experience for a lot of women. The body goes through many physical and emotional changes over the course of the nine months. And while the changes are expected, it doesn’t make them any easier to go through.

Most women focus on more obvious post-pregnancy health issues, such as sleep deprivation, postpartum depression, and adjusting to life as a new mother. One of the most overlooked areas in this regard is pelvic floor health.

Pelvic Floor Muscles and Pregnancy

The obvious physical changes that come with giving birth can have a major impact on the core muscles of the pelvic floor. As the belly grows larger, pelvic floor muscles function as a hammock, providing much-needed support to withstand the increasing pressure.

Sometimes, women experience complications and breathing issues during pregnancy. This causes difficulty in engaging the core pelvic floor muscles, leading to negative consequences on overall health. Weak core muscles in the pelvic floor can lead to health problems, such as:

  • Low back and hip pain
  • Unwanted leaking when coughing
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Incontinence
  • Painful intercourse

Pelvic Floor Assessment and Physiotherapy

Every woman who is thinking of having a baby or one who has had a baby should consult a pelvic floor physiotherapist. Pelvic floor physiotherapists are trained and experienced in assessing the condition of the core pelvic muscles. They can also recommend effective treatments for any pre- and post-natal pelvic floor conditions that are causing problems.

A pelvic floor assessment usually involves the following components:

  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment
  • Abdominal muscle assessment
  • Musculoskeletal assessment
  • Bladder and bowel function screening
  • Identifying any prolapse symptoms.

After the assessment, the physiotherapist recommends any treatments and exercises that are necessary to maintain and regain core stability. These can include breathing strategies, stretches to correct the posture, and physiotherapy for pelvic floor strength.

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