Read What Our Patients Say About SEMI’s Doctors and Practitioners!

SEMI’s number one priority is helping each of our patients regain their strength and overcome injuries and pain. Below, read real stories from our patients, and learn how the staff at SEMI have helped them recover and resume painfree living!

I was a client from Aug 2017 – Jan 2018 for a ruptured Achilles. My Practitioner helped expedite my recovery to get back into competitive powerlifting and sports in general.

I was able to fully play volleyball again in under 5 months, despite also fracturing a toe along the way. I also competed in a provincial powerlifting meet this past weekend, and managed to place first in my weight class by setting new personal records.

I honestly don’t think I would get back into sports at this level if I had gone elsewhere for physio. I truly appreciate the dedication and care my Practitioner puts into her work, and I wanted to share the fruits of our labour.

Nathan Ly

About 18 months ago, I suffered an injury to my left ankle and proceeded to hobble around, taking time off gym and had thought it healed. I was told it was shin splints.

In April of this year, I felt my ankle twist while standing still and continued to go to gym and hobble. A good friend of mine saw my ankle and said, You need to see Dr Stoddard at Semi.
I called and spoke to someone that night and she made an appointment for me to see Dr Stoddard….. first MRI, then back to see him, talk of fracture, xrays to confirm and then I was prescribed an air cast. I was referred to a Practitioner for further treatment. On June 29 I got my cast. As the summer progressed, I was able to see results. Got the cast off on November 7, allowed to walk more, up to 20,000 steps (before I was doing 35,000) and with further treatment, I will continue to improve.

I owe a lot to Dr Stoddard, the Practitioners at Semi, the wonderful front desk staff, Regina, Roxanne and Courtney who made ever visit wonderful.
Thank you! I tell everyone who has ever been hurt to call!

Jana aka Pinky

Dear Dr. Stoddard

I wanted to provide you with some follow-up since you were very helpful to me in the early days of my injury. Its been 5 years now and have been continually experiencing disturbing symptoms and not able to return to full hours at work due to vision and balance problems, and neck pain/muscle problems etc. My doctor recently sent me to a specialist who operates some concussion / head injury clinics in the GTA. He suspected a stroke and he ordered a SPEC scan which was done in August, it showed a stroke in the Right Temporal Lobe. It was a few months after the injury happened when I initially came to see you and you, out of all the doctors/neurologists I saw, were on the right track when you suspected an artery dissection was the probable cause after neck manipulation. The artery, apparently, can heal within a couple of months so the CT scan showed normal. I guess I will never really know for sure if that was the cause, but it felt like I took a bullet in the back of the head when I had that neck adjustment.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know, as you provided me better care than I received from any of the many many doctors with whom I consulted.


Cathy S.

Hi my name is Denise Belanger and I was diagnosed with rotator cuff tendonitis December 2009.
I wanted to take this time to write a bit about my experience at Toronto Semi and the professionalism I received while being treated. Upon entering the front door I was greeted by the manager Roxanne Walsh who was extremely professional, courteous and understanding. The receptionists were very approachable, kind, caring and helpful. I was immediately set up with my Practitioner who was very approachable, friendly and kind. At the early stages of my treatment I would have to say it wasn’t fun at all with the amount of pain I was in. My Practitioner, however, recognized how much pain I was in and was extremely careful with my shoulder. She gave me exercises to strengthen my tendon. It took about 3-4 months for my shoulder to finally heal with the help of the massage therapist Rick Maceroni. Oh my god is all I have to say! After my first massage I wanted to marry him. I have had a lot of massages in my day but Mr. Maceroni is by far the best I have ever had. I will no longer go to anyone else. All staff were prompt and efficient.
I was extremely satisfied with the way I had seen everyone being treated.
Everyone like runners, armed forces personnel, hockey players, tennis players all seemed satisfied. I remember a time once when my therapist was finished with me and she had gone on to her next client who seemed agitated that her body wasn’t healing as fast as she wanted it to. I was really impressed with how she handled the situation and how she reaffirmed her to stick with the exercises she needed to do. I too was there and the doctor had given me a second opinion and a rough time of my healing process.
Overall I am extremely impressed with Toronto Semi and I would sincerely like to thank you all. Keep up the learning as you are all great teachers.

Denise Belanger

Very efficient clinic. My Practitioner is very competent, answers all of my questions and ensures that I understand the treatment. She is also very supportive and encouraging. She is very professional.

Marlene Jones

SEMI is where you will find experienced professionals and friendly staff. My initial assessment with Dr Stoddard (OHIP covered) was reassuring. The treatment plan assigned has greatly improved my mobility. I continue on my road to recovery, under excellent care. I highly recommend SEMI.

Debbie Cole

My Practitioner is amazing. Professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He treated my ailment and I am back to normal. I was so happy that he took the time to show that he really understood my injury and helped me recover in a way that made me better than before.

Kaitlynn Dodge

The leg is feeling great! I will be 100% honest, I was a bit skeptical about the PRP procedure but I am amazed at how well the quad muscle has healed. I am back to playing soccer full time!

Kam K.

My Practitioner has been very attentive and thoughtful to my condition, a positive approach to the healing process. Your receptionists are a pleasure to be greeted by, fast and efficient. Need to book more time with other Practitioners, one has got me hooked on Pilates, after a session I feel stronger and it’s a true workout. Also, Dr. Stoddard’s method of treatment is something to trust in. You have a very professional team.

Rick Radell

I had endured migraine headaches for almost 20 years. I had tried various medications and types of treatment during that time until my headaches started to get progressively worse and were lasting longer.

Finally I choose to explore the option of prolotherapy. It wasn’t a quick process or a painless one but I have found it to be a successful option for me. Now less than six months after having the therapy I have fewer migraines compared to the past and I am able to enjoy life more.


In 1999 while working in construction I fell through a ceiling and broke my ankle socket. I was in a cast for twelve weeks then went through five weeks of treatment. My ankle was still causing me a great deal of pain, preventing me from participating in sports or physical activities, so two years later I had my ankle scoped and was told the only other solution for the pain was to have my ankle fused.

Over the next several years I tried more treatment and massage therapy but the pain just became worse. After discussing it with my new physician she recommended me to SEMI. When I went to the clinic they performed a treatment called Prolotherapy. I could feel an improvement in my ankle after the first treatment. I received five treatments in total and am pain free and have 95% of the movement back in my ankle. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the treatment and want to thank the staff and doctors at SEMI. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who has any type of injury.

Rick Mitchell

On March 22, 2010 I was slew-footed in a hockey game and landed horribly such that I really couldn’t move my back. It exasperated a back issue that I was already dealing with but now was so bad that it actually hurt when I breathed. I saw Dr. Stoddard on March 24, 2010 and he diagnosed me as having a sprained facet joint. He told me that if I was going to have any back problem, this was the one to have as it would heal with time and consistent treatment.

Thankfully after a full 5 weeks of 2x/week and my self-imposed diligence on many build-up exercises, I was pain-free. For a very athletic person, this was something I really needed to get back to normal to resume my active lifestyle. Thanks for the diagnosis and recommendation as it helped to cure me just in time for golf season!

Rob Kush

In February, 2005, I slipped on some ice fracturing my left upper arm at the shoulder. My life changed in an instant and three weeks later, I had undergone major surgery to the shoulder and remained in a sling for 7 weeks. When I was ready for rehabilitation, I wanted to consider a clinic that was not only convenient but a clinic that would help me to focus on getting back to optimal health so I could play golf and ski again. This is very important to me as I have been very active in those two sports. I picked SEMI. Presently I am receivinga combination of physical, chiropractic and massage therapy. Each of these health professionals have been working very hard to assist me back to optimal health with the goal that I will be playing recreational sports once again. Because of their commitment to my health, I am pleased to say that I have been able to get out on the links sooner than expected and the surgeon is pleased with my progress. At this point, I will not require further surgery.

Shelley Skerlan

For most of my adult life I have dealt with the discomfort of Chondromalacia Patella and Patello-femoral Syndrome. These two conditions effectively ended my competitive cycling and skiing careers. It ultimately became so painful that I thought surgery was the only solution. But thanks to the team of excellent doctors and Practitioners at Toronto SEMI, I have finally overcome these difficult knee problems without surgery. I am now performing in both cycling and skiing better then I have in years.

Lawrence Saunders

I have never been disappointed with the service of SEMI and I continue to marvel at the high professional standards exhibited by all members of your staff. I would, without hesitation, recommend anyone of your Practitioners, as their treatments have undoubtedly aided in my speedy recovery. Thanks you for treating me and helping me to return to my gym routines.

Suelyn A. Cheong

Thank you to your staff! Thanks to your diagnosis, treatment and support I was able to fully recover from a back injury and (other minor injuries) to complete in Ironman Canada 2003. A year ago I would not have believed I\’d ever do another Ironman when I was walking (not even running) around the block and unable to bend over to touch my own toes! After a year of recovery under close guidance from you and your excellent crew of doctors and of Practitioners, it enabled me to get to that start line. If only I could bottle some of these rushing emotions I experienced as I ran down the finishing chute and share them with the gang at SEMI. I truly thank you, all!

PS. The strawberry flavor eload rocks!!

Tracy Garey

I have just finished a number doctor and practitioner sessions at SEMI. I wanted to thank your staff for the first class treatments that I received. My knee feels great and I am looking forward to resuming my workouts. I particularly want to thank the practitioners for all their hard work. They are professionals in every sense of the word. It is too bad the only time I see them is when there is something is wrong with me. Also thanks to your front end staff who are efficient and pleasant-it makes coming to SEMI my pleasure.

Dave Williamson

My thanks to you and your staff, because with the benefit of your expertise and care I was able to complete my first marathon in 4 hours, 22 minutes and 43.2 seconds. I came to you at the beginning of October with IT band trouble. Here I was trying to complete a marathon that was less than 3 weeks away and I could not run more then 45 minutes without being stopped by the pain. What I appreciate most, and what makes your practice so unique and valuable, is that you acknowledged my drive to compete. So often when speaking with medical professionals regarding sports injuries they focus on the injury and not what the athlete is trying to accomplish. Thank you, for working with me and giving me the tools and treatment to accomplished my goal.

David Kerr

Thank you so much for restoring the gift of running to me. After visiting several doctors over the years, no one could figure out what was exactly wrong. I finally went to SEMI, and was diagnosed with tendonitis, bursitis and a heel spur, and was told that surgery would be needed to fix the problem. The surgery was performed successfully in September 2002. In December 2003 I went on to win the age group title at Canadian cross-country championships. Thank you.

Jerry Kooymans

I would like to take this time to show my appreciation for you all. In a situation where in less than 2 weeks after a work injury, (torn ACL), the Sports Medicine Doctor and the staff at Toronto SEMI managed to rehabilitate my knee to a safe strength and stability so that I could still make my annual ski trip. The Sports Medicine Doctor was excellent in explaining/discussing my situation, and what steps needed to be taken for not just the immediate future but for long term as well. On top of all I went through, I cannot mention enough gratitude to the practitioners who tended my rehabilitation. The personal attention and care was exceptional! If that wasn’t enough, the time it took for a custom knee brace to be fitted, delivered and re-tested, was incredible. I really cannot say enough about the doctors and therapy staff at SEMI, and not to forget, the ladies at reception have to get full credit as well. Their assistance in appointments, prescriptions, fitting sessions, follow-ups, etc… and just plain and simple, their pleasant attitudes welcoming you into the clinic. Thank you all! P.S. The ski trip was successful although I did only stick to the easier “Green” rated hills as recommended so I wouldn’t damage the knee any more than it is.

Walter Zanatta

I have been a patient at your institute for approximately 3 months. I have found the facility to be first class. Of particular interest is the ability of Toronto SEMI to provide both an initial medical assessment, followed by recommended treatment, and as necessary, subsequent medical assessments. A fully equipped gymnasium with the appropriate equipment is available to support a cross-section of treatments. The facility itself is centrally located (with access by subway, bus or car) with ample free parking. The Practitioners are all licensed and certified, and take a personal interest in one\’s progress. This coupled with a friendly pair of receptionist’s rounds out the overall ambience of Toronto SEMI.


“We have had many opportunities to use various treatment facilities in and around the Toronto area and we are delighted to have finally found you. We have been well served by the professional and knowledgeable Practitioners on staff at Toronto Semi. We are confident of the protocol they use for our treatment and they ensure we know how our treatment is progressing. It is reassuring to know that all patients are under the watchful eye of the Sports Medicine Doctors who took a personal interest in our care. The facility is large and it encouraged us to work on our rehab program as much as we could. The efficient administrative staff was very helpful in accommodating the many overlapping appointments we had to schedule for the two of us who needed treatment at the same time. We highly recommend this facility for anyone who needs high quality treatment for sports related injuries.

Morgan and Marion Oliver

I have been a patient at your institute for 3 years now. My initial visit was 1 week before I was to go on a vacation for the first time in 15 years with my husband. I woke up one morning and was unable to move my head in any direction. Upon a referral from my Doctor, I visited SEMI. I have never looked back! They had me in everyday for a week and by the time I was to leave on vacation I have full range with my head/neck. The Practitioners are wonderful. They take the time to give you exercises to do at home, advises on how to adapt your motion until your affected area is healed and most of all listen to your symptoms and concerns. I have recommended many co-workers, friends, family and my husband to Toronto SEMI. They are FIRST CLASS from beginning to end! Thanks to the sports medicine specialists and staff I live pain free.


I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank you and your staff for their dedication and professionalism. Six months ago I started experiencing chronic pain in my left knee and calf. After numerous tests my family doctor was not sure as to what was causing this ongoing problem. Through a friend, I was referred to you. The sports medicine Doctor diagnosed my problem as a torn meniscus with some degeneration of the cartlilage in my knee. The MRI that the Doctor arranged, in turn supported this. He suggested that treatment would help before we entertained anything more invasive. My Practitioner worked with me for several months and today I am pain free. Once again I say “Thank You”. I believe my progress and its success is due entirely to the staff at Toronto SEMI.

Judy Maus

My family and I have been going to Toronto SEMI since 1999. We are an active family, involved in numerous sports such as skiing, running, wakeboarding, biking, football, you name it. As such everyone in my family has paid a visit to Toronto SEMI for consultation with the Sports Medicine Doctor, Practitioners, Massage therapist or Podiatrist. We have always found the staff to be very knowledgeable, supportive, considerate and available. Sports injuries are no fun but we know we have found a place that we can go to that we trust when we have a problem. I highly recommend Toronto SEMI to anyone.

Anne DeGrasse

Thank you for providing an integrated approach to health and fitness. I was referred to SEMI for treatment for the debilitating pain of sciatica. As treatment progressed, I also added exercise, massage, osteopathy treatments and counseling with the dietician for weight loss, all available at SEMI. It was wonderful the way the services offered all worked together to compliment and support each other to promote recovery and renewed health. Today I am pain free and healthier and fitter than ever !

Barbara Crawford

I have been coming to your clinic since it opened. The staff at Toronto SEMI have truly been a blessing. My injuries have varied over the years but whatever the challenge was, you have been able to help me. I mainly use the Practitioners & Massage Therapy services, as well as have custom orthotics made at your clinic by your podiatrists. I have referred many friends & colleagues to your clinic because I believe that you are the BEST there is. A friend who needed a practitioner said to me, “If this treatment can make you happy, then he MUST be good.” It is true: I am very difficult to please & to treat as I tend to overdo many of my activities (they include running, tennis, biking). Your staff tries to advise me to scale back & offer me alternatives. Stubborn as I am, I don’t listen & yet they are still able to help me with my aches & pains. I have gotten massage at different clinics but your massage therapists are clearly many classes above the rest. They not only help relieve the pain; they actually resolve the problem. Your location & hours are also excellent. Right on the subway, with ample parking for those who drive & hours available on evenings & Saturdays, not only weekdays. It is no wonder that I send all my friends to you! Often, I meet friends there that I haven\’t referred. They just find their way to you! Congratulations on a Winning Team! Thanks!

Carole Bonnici

Before I needed to seek your care I was a competitive mountain bike racer but was experiencing progressively higher levels of pain in my lower back. When my back finally (and unexpectedly) failed I was unable to walk or stand without great pain your sport medicine doctors diagnosed a herniated disc in my lower back. In hindsight if I knew what to look for I had been missing the early warning signs for almost a year. With your guidance, knowledge and skill I have been able to return to competitive mountain bike racing and am doing so without pain. Your team of practitioners deserves a lot of credit too. They are a group of skilled and conscientious people that truly enjoy what they do. Such a positive environment only helps the healing process along. Thank you SEMI for allowing me to return to my active life.

Keith Musgrave

I recently participated in the Osoyoos Half-ironman (July 2007) and have previously participated in the Penticton Ironman(1995). On both occasions I suffered from diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramping and dizziness. I will be in Penticton again this August. One week ago I was advised of your product “e load Energy Gel- Heat Endurance Formula” and so far it has worked well with my training. I have actually used it excessively to “test” my gut and no problems!

Jim Willows

Dear Dr. Stoddard,

I wanted you to know how appreciative we are that you went out of your way for Mike. You have been compassionate, kind, and skilled, and really accommodated his tight schedule. We really could not have asked for more.

Lianne Batista