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On March 22, 2010 I was slew-footed in a hockey game and landed horribly such that I really couldn’t move my back. It exasperated a back issue that I was already dealing with but now was so bad that it actually hurt when I breathed. I saw Dr. Stoddard on March 24, 2010 and he diagnosed me as having a sprained facet joint. He told me that if I was going to have any back problem, this was the one to have as it would heal with time and consistent treatment.

Thankfully after a full 5 weeks of 2x/week and my self-imposed diligence on many build-up exercises, I was pain-free. For a very athletic person, this was something I really needed to get back to normal to resume my active lifestyle. Thanks for the diagnosis and recommendation as it helped to cure me just in time for golf season!

About: Dr. Douglas Stoddard is a sports medicine physician and is the Medical Director of the Sports & Exercise Medicine Institute (SEMI). After receiving his medical degree from the University of Toronto, he trained in Australia at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, obtaining his Master Degree in Sports Medicine. He is also a diplomat of the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine and has his focussed practice designation in Sport Medicine from the Ontario Medical Association. Dr. Stoddard is a consultant to the Canadian Military and has consulted with well over 30,000 unique patients in his career. Dr. Stoddard is constantly searching for new and promising therapies to help SEMI patients, and is responsible for developing the RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy Program. He is the proud father of two boys, is an avid triathlete and occasional guitar player.

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