The last few years have been full of triggers for stress and anxiety. Climate change, natural disasters, security risks, an increasing number of health problems, rising inflation rates, work issues—all of these contribute to anxiety and stress disorders among the population.

Stress and Related Problems in Canada

According to recent data, an alarming 41% of Canadian citizens identified as someone who is struggling with stress and anxiety. Moreover, 73% of adults who are working reported experiencing some level of stress.

Stress is no longer associated with a particular group of people and can be experienced by anyone, whether they’re rich, healthy, or young. The rising levels of stress have also increased the prevalence of related illnesses. Stress-related health issues include:

Preventing and Eliminating Stress

While the numbers and facts related to stress are quite overwhelming, the good news is that stress can be managed. Here are some tips that can help you effectively prevent or eliminate stress from your life:

Get Moving

Studies show that physical activities such as running, exercise, and stretching releases endorphins in the body. Endorphins are a group of hormones which produce positive feelings and have an analgesic effect. This reduces stress or anxiety.

Incorporate movement activities in your daily life that you can enjoy as well such as practicing yoga, running or jogging, and cardio in your life. This way, you can have fun and lower your stress levels at the same time.

Hydrate and Heat

Staying hydrated helps the muscles relax, which allows the muscle tissue to clear out the bad hormones that are released when you’re stressed. Increase your water intake according to the recommended amount to ensure proper hydration for your body.

Applying heat to tense and sore muscles helps relax them and increases the supply of blood to the area, clearing out the hormones.

Forget About Perfection

A lot of people are obsessed with being perfect. They strive to achieve the impossible. This leads to feelings of stress or anxiety about not being able to be the best. Let go of the idea that it has to be perfect and focus on doing things one step at a time.

For example, just because you can’t make the ultimate diet plan doesn’t mean you can’t get proper nutrition. Start small and improve as you move forward instead of expecting too much from yourself from the get-go.

Find Good Support

Having a good support system is a big help in dealing with stress and anxiety. When you find yourself in a stressful situation, remember the supportive people and good things in your life.

Don’t be ashamed of reaching out and asking for help. This can be in the form of great friends or expert health professionals such as therapists.

Also, don’t forget to get regular physical checkups to ensure good health to help you deal with tough situations.

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