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Deme is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and Sports Massage Therapist Certificate Candidate (SMT (cc)) specializing in athletic massage therapy as well as pain management, and general massage. She is a graduate of Bryan College and a member of good standing of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO). She is currently working with a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from 6 years old to 92 years of age.

Deme has an intensive background in rehabilitation, movement and athletics. She currently attends Olympic-level qualifying events as part of the medical staff and works with grassroots teams. She is also a national level athlete herself and a two-time supplement brand sponsored athlete. Among her areas of expertise are trigger point therapy, hydrotherapy, acupressure PNF stretching, remedial exercise, athletic taping, CPR Sport/Standard/Emergency HCP first aid trained and program planning for the purpose of returning to function and specific performance.

Deme uses a variety of treatment techniques that are tailored to the clients needs. Her massage therapy sessions comprise of trigger point therapy, which involves some deeper tissue work and General Swedish Massage (GSM), as well as using comprehensive anatomy trains to help alleviate dysfunctions in the body, active release, mobility techniques and stretching to form a unique therapeutic session that may or may not include oil. Every treatment is tailored to you and your needs: no two people are the same and your massage therapy experience should be specific to you.

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