The festive time is almost upon us. In fact, many people have already started putting up Christmas decorations in anticipation of the holiday. However, the merry season has a dark side, with the highest percentages of injuries in the country taking place during it.

According to a recent study, installing Christmas lights is a common cause of falls, and can even lead to severe trauma. The injuries range from spinal to neurological, depending on the circumstances and the height from which the person suffers a fall.

Here are some helpful tips that will keep you from getting injured this holiday season:

Ladder Safety

Using a ladder any time of the year is quite dangerous. However, during the festive season, the addition of snow and ice makes it even more dangerous.

On average, a person who has been injured by falling off a ladder spends a week to 15 days in the hospital. Be safe by having someone hold the ladder steady while you are climbing and avoid using it in wet and slippery conditions.

Be Careful While Driving

The number of motor vehicle accidents increases as the holiday season gets closer. This can be due to several factors, including weather conditions and an increased number of intoxicated merrymakers driving on the roads.

To ensure your safety, be cautious of road conditions and other drivers while driving. You should also avoid driving too soon after consuming eggnog or other alcoholic beverages.

Take It Easy Over the Holidays

Another common cause of injuries during the holiday season is overworking and overstraining yourself. Last-minute holiday shopping and dealing with the chaos of guests coming and going over the holidays can cause fatigue and increases the chance of injuries such as stress fractures, sprains, and strains.

Give yourself a much-needed break now and then and get a massage. This will give your muscles a chance to relax and prevent any nasty accidents.

Get In Touch With Our Massage Therapists This Holiday Season!

Getting a professional massage or a physiotherapy session can help you unwind when the stress of the holidays gets too much.

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