Individuals seek massage therapy treatment for a multitude of reasons. Most of us are familiar with its common benefits—relaxation, easing muscle tension, and relieving stress. All of these reasons alone are good enough to make you want to include massage therapy in your routine.

But as we push the limits of our bodies every day through strenuous activities that demand physical exertion, massage therapy becomes more of a need than a leisure activity. Here are some benefits of massage therapy for athletes:

It increases your range of motion

Individuals who aren’t new to physical activity and partake in sports activities frequently feel soreness in their muscles. By targeting joints and sore regions on your body, massage therapy loosens up your muscles, which, in turn, improves the range of motion in your day to day physical activities.

Improves athletic performance

Several types of massage therapies are specifically designed to improve the athletic performance of individuals. Due to the improvement it causes in blood circulation, many athletes have massage therapists with them during games and on training sites to help them overcome restrictions in their movements.  

Reduces the occurrence of migraines

For many individuals, exercise can be a source of migraines; this prevents them from doing it as much as they want to. Around 43% of individuals who receive massage therapy are reported to be doing it for migraine control.

Massage therapy stimulates the muscle and helps relieve spasms. If done regularly, it can also enhance your sleep by improving blood circulation and generating more serotonin in your system. All these factors contribute to reducing the risks vascular headaches developing.

Helps with Arthritis Pain

Massage therapy has been found to be effective in the treatment of Arthritis pain. By applying light pressure on your joints, pressure receptors that reside underneath your skin are able to ease the arthritis pain. Additionally, with boosted blood circulation, increased mobility and flexibility are also likely outcomes

Boosts your immunity

Massage therapy interacts with your hormone system and is responsible for decreasing the levels of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone which hinders with good sleep. By managing the levels of cortisol, massage therapy encourages the production of white blood cells in your body which consequently reduces the risks of you falling sick more often.

Physical health is important, especially if you subscribe to an active lifestyle. Everyone deserves to feel in charge of their body without having to fear that it’ll give up on them any minute. This is why SEMI in Toronto provides sports massage therapy services along with our shockwave therapy and pelvic floor physiotherapy, so you can live a healthier life!