Four Fitness Trends to Follow in 2017

//Four Fitness Trends to Follow in 2017

Four Fitness Trends to Follow in 2017

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Posted by Douglas W. Stoddard MD, M Sp Med, Dip Sport Med, ES on 24 January 2017

Now that 2017’s arrived, it’s the perfect time to revitalize those workouts that might’ve gone stale over the course of 12 months.

Fitness & health were led by wearable technology, body weight training, high-intensity interval training, and fitness programs catered to older adults, in 2016. And while these forms of fitness training or programs will still be extremely popular this year, they’ll be joined by a few new fitness trends that’ve already made their way into many gym junkies’ regimens.

These are five of the latest exercise trends that we feel you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot about in 2017.


Founded by professional dancer Juliu Horvath, gyrotonic sounds more like some sort of Greek beverage than hot fitness trend.

But it’s actually a diverse form of exercise that aims to improve various features of your body – balance, strength, stamina, and flexibility. The unique mind-body system has become a favourite amongst celebrities, offering all the benefits of yoga, dance, gymnastics, Tai Chi, and even swimming.

The combination of spiral movements, breath work, and ‘flow’ achieves those results, all without jarring or compressing joints like demanding strength or weight training can. Rather than static poses, it’s all about spiraling, twisting, and rotating exercises, making it rhythmic and restorative rather than sweaty and tiring. Some exercises require no more than a chair and mat, while others use specialized equipment to increase the space between the vertebrae through fluid movement.

Gyrotonic is beneficial to people of any age, and of any fitness level, from senior citizen to high performance athlete; so it’s no surprise it’s become a trend in 84 countries and counting. Plus, with gyrotonic extracting so many elements from the previously mentioned forms of exercise, your workouts will be varied and fun.

Krav Maga

This could be the baddest fitness trend of the year. And by baddest, we mean seriously cool.

Mortal Kombat fans will appreciate Krav Maga, a form of self-defense that also happens to be a killer, kung-fu-ish workout.

Krav Maga was originally used by the Israeli Defense forces as their ‘official’ form of self-defense. Ever since, law enforcement, military groups, and some celebrities have vouched for the Bruce-Lee-like training.

It blends cardio & strength training into a fat-smashing, full-body workout all while providing you the fundamentals to fend off attackers. Like gyrotonic, disciples of all ages and fitness levels can utilize Krav Maga, as learning some self-defense never hurt anybody. well, you know what we mean.


What’s old is new again.

Boxing has seen a resurgence in the fitness community, largely due to supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne lacing them up in old-school rings and jabbing their way to toned bodies.

The punishing sport has it all if you’re looking for a more aggressive, higher intensity workout: cardio, strength training, upper cuts, hooks, and low-blows (maybe avoid the last one). Boxing is not only a full-body workout, but can also relieve stress and have you feeling empowered & confident.

Remember, you don’t need a ring and turnbuckles to get the benefits of boxing; there are numerous workouts online for home fitness training.

Barre Workouts

Barre workouts continue to gain steam as we enter 2017, with it’s devoted following growing each day. If there’s one new fitness trend that may stand the test of time, barre has as good a shot as any.

The steady but strong exercises fuse ballet, Pilates, yoga, light weights, and body weight resistance to craft lean muscles, build strength, and improve flexibility. Classes typically follow a pattern of:

  1. Mat-based warm ups, full of planks & push-ups.
  2. A series of arm exercises.
  3. Using the ballet barre, move onto the lower-body section to work the thighs & glutes.
  4. Finish with core-focused exercises, using either the barre or mat.

Generally exclusive to sprawling metropolitans, barre workouts have slowly spilled over to suburbs and small towns, meaning there should be a studio nearby if you forgo this workout. If you find yourself sans-studio however, there are many online, pre-recorded classes, as well as live streaming options offered through select studios.

Looking to add a little variety and excitement to your workouts? SEMI’s personal trainers are knowledgeable in the latest fitness trends, and can customize a training program based on your fitness goals.

Whether you’re looking for something completely new, or just want to refine and improve your tried-and-true regimen, SEMI’s professionals are here to help! Contact us at 1-844-223-7364, or visit one of our locations!

About: Dr. Douglas Stoddard is a sports medicine physician and is the Medical Director of the Sports & Exercise Medicine Institute (SEMI). After receiving his medical degree from the University of Toronto, he trained in Australia at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, obtaining his Master Degree in Sports Medicine. He is also a diplomat of the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine and has his focussed practice designation in Sport Medicine from the Ontario Medical Association. Dr. Stoddard is a consultant to the Canadian Military and has consulted with well over 30,000 unique patients in his career. Dr. Stoddard is constantly searching for new and promising therapies to help SEMI patients, and is responsible for developing the RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy Program. He is married and the proud father of two boys, is an avid triathlete and occasional guitar player.

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